Somewhere In Between by Devin E. Caruthers

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Books
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Somewhere In Between

In the sixth chapter of John, there is a story told about a miracle that Jesus performed by feeding 5000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread. Many have read or heard this story, but many miss the significant origin of the bread and fish. In the story, the young boy had these portions with him, and you can perhaps speculate that he was carrying his lunch planning to hear Jesus preach. I imagine that when he left his house that morning, he had no idea that his small lunch would be used in a great miracle. Some of the disciples who were with Jesus noticed the boy and pointed him out to Jesus. Who knew that a young boy, who the people did not know, would be used by God in such a great way? How often do you see our young men standing around you with no father to help them use what they have? You often overlook them and fail to help them reach their full potential. I imagine this young boy didn’t have a prominent family name, wasn’t dressed in fancy clothes, and wasn’t rich, but instead was a peasant from a poor village. Yet, Jesus stepped “somewhere in between” and used what the boy had to the glory of His father in heaven. Many young men walk through life and have no idea of the potential that they carry with them. Many of them need someone that is willing to be somewhere in between and help them realize their potential. Just like the young boy, many young men don’t come from notable families or rich homes, but all carry an unexpected miracle around with them every day. The miracles are not always instantly recognizable, but with the help of someone who is somewhere in between, miracles can happen. It doesn’t take much to ignite the potential within, but someone has to be willing to show them what they carry. To be somewhere in between means to be whatever you have to be for each young man. It means that you’re willing to take them as they are, broken and all, and treat them as your own son. Jesus could have very well ignored the young boy who had nothing to offer but two fish and five loaves of bread. He could have looked at His own situation, the need to feed many, and dismiss the boy who could only feed one. Instead, Jesus looked at the potential of the meal and the boy’s willingness to share, instead of the obstacles that seem to stand in the way. Young men want someone with whom they can share their life, their dreams, and their potential miracles. It is up to you as a mentor to put yourself in a position of being somewhere in between so that you can see the potential instead of the obstacles. To truly be effective, you have to be more than a mentor. You have to be more than someone that pops in and out at your convenience. It is never convenient to be somewhere in between but it is necessary. Somewhere In Between is not only an effective guide to mentoring, it is mentoring God’s way.

About the Author…

Devin Caruthers is the author of his first book, Somewhere in Between as well as an ordained minister and works professionally as an engineer. Caruthers is inspired by God to write to motivate other men, to share his mentoring experiences, and to show what a difference God has made in his life. He is also the founder of Somewhere in Between Ministries and resides in the Greater Kansas City area with his wife and children.

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