Promoting Yourself On Facebook, MySpace or Elsewhere

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Helpful Tips, Music Business, News
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Promoting Yourself On Facebook, MySpace or Elsewhere

An Article from Music News Nashville’s Dan Harr

Music News Nashville…MusicNewsNashville


Okay… every day we receive event notifications and emails for bands’ and songwriters’ gigs.  We LOVE to promote you on Music News Nashville, but MANY of you need to learn how to better promote yourself.  We suggest you use the following guidelines to better help MNN and others get your information out there so more people will attend your gigs:

1.  Send your information AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance.  Don’t send it last minute, or the day before.  We simply won’t put it up on our SHOWCASES AND EVENTS pages unless we have at least three or four days to promote you, and preferably longer.  Otherwise, it’s not worth the time for either of us.  No one will see it in a timely manner and YOU lose out by not getting the word out there.  Ideally, you will send out the information a month in advance, and then again one week in advance.  BUT – DO NOT overdo it and send it out every day or every week… you’ll turn people off and they won’t want to come.

2.  ALWAYS include the FULL ADDRESS and information about the venue where you are playing.  I cannot tell you the number of times I get something saying “I’m playing at Shorty’s Bar.”  Okay… WHERE is Shorty’s bar?  What city?  What street?  Get real… you want people to come hear you, they NEED to know where.

3.  Create POSTERS and images that you can send along with your announcement.  They catch people’s eye better than just text… Which of the following would YOU look at first?



Steve Helms and Charla Corn-acoustic show
Tuesday, March 2, 2010
7:30pm – 10:30pm
Railhead BBQ
Willowpark, TX





Paparazzi: A Wednesday Night Dance Party
Wednesday, March 3, 2010
305 Broadway (3rd ave entrance)
Nashville, TN


Paparazzi: A Wednesday Night Dance Party attracts a stylish, sophisticated crowd that make up the elite of Nashville’s social scene. This is one party that you definitely want to be seen at. EMGpromo and Nashville’s Elite will be taking care of your cover and supplying you with beer to sip on all night. Get your picture snapped by the Paparazzi or take a minute and hop into our Video Confessional Booth and let Nashville know what’s on your mind. Both will be featured on the website. This is your chance to be a local celebrity!! So bring all your friends and we will see you Wednesday night!


This is the way these two gigs were sent to me.  In the FIRST one, where is the “Railhead BBQ” located?  We know it’s in Willowpark TX, but WHERE???  I’m not going to drive all over the city trying to find it, and I don’t want to spend the time looking it up.  TELL ME where it is!  Plus, the ad is BORING and doesn’t contain any information about the event.  (Sorry Steve and Charla for using you as an example, but you definitely need to better promote yourself.)

In the SECOND announcement, they included an eye-catching poster AND information about the event which let’s me know what’s going on, makes it sound interesting and catches my attention.

4.  If you’re going to make your announcement a TEXT-only one, then you NEED to make it interesting enough to catch my eye and tell me WHY I want to come to it.

5.  Why should you promote yourself outside your area?  Because you never know who might be in your town on vacation or passing through.  Perhaps the chairman or VP of a major label is in town visiting relatives and looking for something to do that night… The more you promote yourself, the more people will see YOU!!!

Music News Nashville will promote your gig ANYWHERE in North America and Canada, but you need to help us better promote YOU by investing the time to do it right.

You can send us your events through FB or directly to Dan: CLICK HERE

Good luck in better promoting yourself.


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