Keep business business when it comes to music!

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Helpful Tips, Music Business

By AntBeatz


This is a difficult rule of success that took awhile for me to really grasp, however you must keep business as simply that… business. Your primary allegiance and loyalty is to god as well as family. In some cases this is the reason that some executives are seen as being “cold or shrewd”.

The the reality is no one will be out for your best interest quite as good as you. People will be cool with you while they are benefiting but yet the second something doesn’t pan out the way THEY want it to they will begin to give in to paranoia/hearsay and try to turn on you. How come you think all the old artists left Cash Money Records? Why is it that you think Roc-A-Fella separated? Its because the line between friendship and business was blurred.

Anytime you are being considered more than just strictly a business partner but “fam” watch out— it will backfire and you will likely feel dumb in the end for not handling business. Do you think a major label will let you keep more of the sales profits simply because they “like” you? Or because you are “fam”? No way. Better yet go try to get a loan and show the loan provider love be cool with the guy and then see if you can get an interest free loan…NOPE. When it doesn’t make good business sense to you and your family that you support, don’t do it. Read that last line one more time…soak it in. I’m not hinting on doing anyone unfairly or even being unethical in your business dealings…but don’t over-extend your own self for anybody based on “oh that’s my homie” or even “oh he cool people”.

I have encountered all different kinds of shady people and have gotten to read them exceptionally well, study their behavior, and identify their motives, and nine times outta ten peoples motives are self serving when it comes to people in the music industry. Now the small fraction of good people, have em close because good allies are hard to find! I have a few associates throughout the years who are good people and the relationship is EQUALLY BENEFICIAL.

“Its not anything personal between us folks, its just business” – @AnTBeatz


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