#ShineonBoston by @nbrum7770 (Nathan Brumley,) available on July 16, 2013

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Breaking News, News
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Nashville, TN/Concord, CA (June 17, 2013) You’re hearing this before anyone else, Nathan Brumley is about to make social media/music history and the inspiration of “Boston’s strong,” people will make that history with him. The songwriters, Nathan Brumley and Tyde Moore, call this song, “#ShineonBoston” and it will be the first ever song (to our knowledge,) released by a social network profile. The song will be released under the artist name, @nbrum7770 (Nathan Brumley’s Twitter profile.) Official release date is: July 16, 2013, but the song will be available for free streaming on an earlier date, (information on that to be announced by the end of this week.)

April 15, 2013 was a dark day for Boston and for America, but even through the darkness, light came through and was victorious. Tyde Moore and Nathan Brumley were so touched by this tragedy that they decided to write a song for these people; the 264 injured, those who died senselessly: Krystle Campbell age 30, Martin William Richard age 8, Lingzi Lu age 23, and Officer Sean Collier age 26 and all those who helped save lives that day. Without a quick response from medical personnel, officers, and average (well not-so average,) citizens there could have been a lot more casualties. You inspired us and we hope that this song helps you in some way during your time of need.

David Moore (half of Tyde Moore,) had this to say, “When you play our song, tweet it, put it on Facebook… and include a comment, not to us, but to Boston. Their strength and courage inspired us, now it’s time for us to give them some encouragement! Four lives were lost and 264 lives were changed forever by injuries, some of which may never heal. It’s been a little over two months since this incident; we must let these people know that we haven’t forgotten them and that we will not forget them. The pain does not go away in two months, I’m 29 now and I lost a brother when I was 8, the pain is still there… others have long forgotten and that hurts, let’s not do that to Boston. We want to read your tweets to Boston, one of our favorites comes way before the song title was announced, it comes from @CBFenix, “and shine as beacons of hope when we seem to be surrounded by shadows. #ShineOnBoston.” Post an inspirational tweet like this to@tydemoore and @nbrum7770 and it’s likely to get retweeted to their combined 33,000 plus Twitter followers. July 16, 2013 you can add the song officially to those inspirational tweets.

Lingzi Lu was sent here by her parents from China to make a better life for herself in college, but now she will never return home to her parents. We cannot forget them. Martin William Richard was my age when I lost my brother, only 8… this child should not have died. We cannot forget his family. Krystle Campbell was a 30 year old bright woman that made people happy to be around her. We can’t forget those people who are a lot less happy without her. Officer Sean Collier was only 26 and he dedicated his life to protecting people, and was killed 3 days after the bombings and it is suspected that he was killed by one of the bombers. We cannot forget his family and his service. We also cannot forget the 264 people, some of which may never be able to return to work and support their families. So, if you donated at any time to the Boston One Fund or if you were affected in any way by these bombings (or if you were one of the people who helped rescue the victims,) you will be able to download the song for free from CDBaby.com upon it’s release. The song will be available there via ‘honor system,’ we don’t want to have to attack your dignity by having you e-mail a request, you’ve been through enough already. If you don’t fit the criteria for a free download, you may purchase it from any other online retailer.” So, let’s show our enemies that when they attack us, they only make us unite together stronger than ever. They cannot defeat us with their hatred, because we have a love in our hearts that’s “Boston strong.”

Important Note: If you want to receive this song for free based on a donation to the Boston One Fund, you must donate as soon as possible; the fund stops accepting donations on June 27, 2013. Give now (or if you’ve already given,) we will honor that with a free download for you through CDBaby. You must give before the release date and before June 27, 2013. We are not affiliated with the Boston One Fund, we just want to help.

Nathan Brumley who performed and co-wrote the song made this statement, “Nothing is more rewarding to me than to turn what I love to do into something that can uplift others. As a writer having that outlet to encourage others means everything to me and I pray this song brings both hope and recollection of how good God is even in the midst of our hardest times.” Tyde Moore and Nathan Brumley don’t live in Boston, but they felt inspired to do something… so, they did the one thing they know how to do best; write a song. The songwriters ask that you not purchased the song, but rather make a donation in any amount to the Boston One Fund, then pick up your free copy (high quality version available,) of the song at CDBaby.

Radio stations: If you are a radio station that would like to help Nathan Brumley and Tyde Moore “Shine on Boston,” so to speak… you can contact David(at)dreaminoutloudent.com for a free radio copy or simply download it from CDBaby for free.

About Nathan Brumley: Nathan Brumley is a Christian and Pop Rock artist/songwriter. He has over eight album releases, several television and movie soundtrack credits and now resides in Nashville, TN. The artist has won several awards and also produces his own music. Nathan’s most recent release is from January, 2013 and is called, “Cold as Numbers,” released by his band, The Bitter Selway.

About Tyde Moore: Tyde Moore consists of Christian songwriters and husband/wife, David and Krista Moore. They are not a “band” in the traditional sense of the word. The duo only writes songs and they feature other artists on their tracks for release. They do this as a way of releasing their music, while also showcasing talented artists that they believe in. Tyde Moore’s first and only release thus far (more to come in the future,) is called, “Because You First Loved Me,” and it features the vocals of the very talented, Lori Hall. Depending on the style of the featured artist(s), Tyde Moore’s style will vary.


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