Melody Trust Show seeks New Expert Interviews!!!

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Helpful Tips, Music Business, News, Talk Radio Interviews

Artist- Singers of all genre.
Authors, Painters, Businesses, Comedians and Actors along with Directors and Producers are all welcomed as well. If you have a talent or a craft that you would like to share feel free to send an email.

Name of Your Show * Melody Trust Show
Show Description *
The Melody Trust Show, is a show that educates and shares the creativity of others. The show captures the sound and art of upcoming new talentand of those who have established a career already though like to speak about their new upcoming events and much more.
The Melody Trust Show is fun and entertaining and is known for allowing artist to feel comfortable thru interview processing without the need to feel worried of possible questions. So if you have a talent, be sure to request and interview with Melody Trust!
Audience Demographics for Your Show * The Audience Demographic is adult themed. The average listeners range between 22 yrs & 58 yrs of age. The average yrs of age are based on the listeners who are fans of Melody Trust.
Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim * The show averages 2,248 to 3,988 listeners per show. This is proven based on the number that is provided thru Sam Broadcaster which is the source in which WRN radio uses.
Show Format*
  • Internet radio show
  • Video webcast
Broadcast Schedule + Format + Network(s) * The Melody Trust Show is broadcasted live on the internet also the show uses video webcast which is channeled owned by the company which is WRN Radio Network, however video webcast is not used all the time. The show does also except and receive incoming calls during live broadcasting by listeners and fans of the Melody Trust Show.
Booking Contact for Interviews * host Melody Trust
Email Address * Email Melody at official.melodytrust @
Web Site URL where listeners can find your Show *



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