Submit Your Rock & Roll, Indie Rock, Folk, Pop, Country, and Americana tunes to The Penguin

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Indie Radio Airplay, Music Business, News

How to submit music for airplay

The number one question we’re asked all of the time is “do you play music by indie artists?”

Yes… yes we do.  In fact, roughly 80% of the songs we play are from independent artists around the world.  Some are songs we find, some are songs sent directly to us from the artists.

We accept submissions for airplay on CD or mp3.  Generally, we’re interested in rock and roll, indie rock, folk, pop, country, and Americana tunes.

We’re not really interested in dance or hip-hop tunes for the main station playlist, sorry. You could try contacting the hosts of our radio shows though as the individual hosts may be interested.

To send music for airplay consideration:

Via mail —
The Penguin
PO Box 140
Spring Lake, NJ 07762
(732) 280-ROCK

Via email –>

Want extra exposure?

Record a promo mp3 for us. Something like “Hey, this is ___ and you’re listening to The Penguin” will do. Of course, feel free to say whatever you wish. Just record it as an mp3 and email it to us. You can even call the studio and leave a promo on the answering machine if you want! We’ll add every promo to our mix and have it played throughout the week.


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