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Posted: July 3, 2013 in Helpful Tips, Indie Radio Airplay, News
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Christian Music and Videos
DJ Redman has been working the bugs out of his settings and is doing some LIVE SHOWS NOW (although his schedule is not posted yet). To get us started (and to keep the station interesting and varied), I have also bulk downloaded several hundred of our network’s songs into the auto DJ (plays when no live DJ is present). Be advised you may already be streaming on our station.
Airplay should not be a problem legally under our current Terms and Conditions. If you are unfamiliar with the issues, an informative article on the exposure vs royalties quandry is HERE. We are anon profit network with a non commericalroyalty free station.



If you have already uploaded songs to our network and do not wish exposure through radio play, you just need to contact to opt out. You can still contribute to our flashplayers and participate in other network activities, without being included on our streaming radio – it’s not mandatory.


However, if you would like to add to our soul winningpotential as a Christian outreach, and want valuable exposure of your work through our (soon to be promoted) radio stream, here is the best proceedure.


Please e-mail your properly labelled (title, artist/band, album) songs in 128 bit MP3 format to Also, please sign and attach a copy of this waver, so our DJ’s can play your songs without worrying about legal issues – download HERE.

  Indie Gospel Radio….
Be Blessed,

Ken Rich

Network Creator


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