The Christ Clubhouse Channel now Live on Roku Station !

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Breaking News, Music Business, News
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Christ Clubhouse Channel

Developer: Tangerine Sky Productions

Christ Clubhouse Channel, dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the young and young at heart, provides original, inspirational programming for your child. Storybook videos, puppet shows, and live action features are among the shows that seek to inspire your heart today! With original series such as Hope the Angelfish, Joy the Jellyfish and R.O.V-R the Explorer, the gentle, slow-paced storybook videos offer an alternative to increasingly inappropriate content mainstream entertainment media is pushing on children. Live action, sing-a-long shows, and puppet shows with a Christian message are part of the Christ-centered foundation we provide. The best way to take our country back is to return God to His righteous place in American family life. God bless you and your family. We hope you enjoy the Christ Clubhouse Channel!



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