Faith Filled Family Magazine’s Newest Edition Features Interview with Tyde Moore

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Breaking News, Katelyn News, News
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Faith Filled Family Magazine’s summer edition is out and it has an interview with Christian songwriting duo, Tyde Moore. The married songwriters talk about marrying young, working together, and keeping Jesus in the center of their relationship. This interview marks a first for Tyde Moore and gives readers an insight on how they operate as songwriters and how they keep their marriage together.

Tyde Moore consists of husband and wife Christian songwriters, David and Krista Moore; the couple married young (David was 18, Krista was 20.) In March 2014, the couple will be married for twelve years. Find out how they’re keeping it together in Faith Filled Family Magazine.

Faith Filled Family Magazine is an online publication that publishes a variety of faith based articles for Christians, including interviews with Christians from all walks of life. The publication can be read for free online at their website: This summer’s edition has the theme of “Biblical myths.”

David Moore is also the exclusive PR rep for Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment artist Katelyn McCarter. Katelyn was also featured in the magazine’s Spring edition…


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