Would You Skip A Concert If It Was Live-streamed?

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Music Business, News

Post by Erica Swallow

Would You Skip A Concert If It Was Live-streamed?

Image courtesy of Kmeron

Live-streaming is a nice additive to the concert-going experience, but will it ever replace sold-out arenas?

How you approach the world of live-streamed concerts is probably mostly a matter of personal taste. Some people would never trade the rock, sweat and tears of a live event for a calm, on-screen viewing experience. Meanwhile, others are perfectly content to sit at home and watch the fun from the comfort of their couch, bed or fluffy sitting spot of choice.

Music festival ticket sales and prices are up, alongside online video consumption of these events, though, according to a recent infographic by agency Bulldog Digital Media. Live streaming, then, is not necessarily a substitute for concert-going, but rather an additive experience for attendees and those who wouldn’t regularly be able to join in on the live action.

The rise of live-streamed concerts is upon us, thanks to the advent of tools like Livestream,Ustream, and Google+ Hangouts On Air that make video production easier for event planners and more accessible for viewers. And there’s even IROCKE, the ultimate guide for discovering and watching live-streamed concerts.

Streaming, too, isn’t the only digital video fun being had at concerts. While at SXSW this year, I attended the free Feed the Beat event, hosted by Taco Bell and featuring bands Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat!, where audience members were given cameras and armed with the hashtag #FeedtheBeat to create content for a crowd-sourced “rockumentary.”

I got word this week that one of my tweets or Vineswill be used in the fan-made movie — can’t wait to see the final cut. I recall a rogue camera placed directly in my face for about half the concert… hopefully that numbskull doesn’t get any footage in the final version. (I’m still a bit bitter.)

Have you been to any concerts that were live-streamed, or have you skipped out on any because you could watch the fun from your computer? Share your experiences in the comments below after checking out this top-notch infographic on the future of live-streamed music events.

Infographic courtesy of Bulldog Digital Media and image courtesy of Kmeron.

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