DistroKid Launches $19.99 Unlimited Digital Distribution

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Music Business, News

Unlimited Digital Distribution


DistroKid recently announced they have officially launched a digital distribution service that’s set to disrupt the market currently dominated by TuneCore and CD Baby (and to a lesser extent,OneRPM).

DistroKid’s annual cost is more than half of what TuneCore charges for a regular annual subscription. Granted, DistroKid distributes to just four retailers, but they are the four of the key places to have your music available for download (Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Google). At just $19.99/year for unlimited uploads by one band, we think this service is one of the most exciting to come around in a long time. We like it so much, we gave it a 9.4 rating right out of the gate.

We’re super-impressed with the simple user interface. If you’ve got your files and your artwork ready, we’re talking one or two minutes tops, and you’re done. With 100% of royalties going to the rights holder, the value is hard to beat.

You can take DistroKid for a spin free, they invite anyone to come and upload one free single to try it out. Also, if you refer 5 friends to join DistroKid, they’ll give you a free year of distribution service.

We have reached out and arranged an interview with the site’s founder, Philip Kaplan (who was also the coder extraordinaire behind another great digital tool for musicians, Fandalism). Stay tuned to the Songhack blog for that feature in the coming days.

Read more here…Song Hack


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