Submit to get reviewed in Hollywood Weekly Magazine

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Music Business, News

From a post on Linkedin

Being an independent artist means you needs all the exposure you can get! Brightlife music and is teaming up with Hollywood Weekly Magazine to give the winning artist the exposure they deserve.

We will be featuring one band/artist for an album review in December 2013’s issue of Hollywood Weekly Magazine and one artist for a demo review as well. This is a great time to have your material reviewed by industry professionals to see

if you are on the right track or not.

All genres are welcome to submit. Albums must not exceed 14 tracks and demos cannot exceed 5 songs.

So submit now and see if your project gets chosen and get ready to spread the word when your write up appears in full color in Hollywood’s biggest print and online publication where people go who want to know!

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Scotislate Album Good Fight ” Twilight Zone”

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Entry closed Nov 31.2013


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