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Posted: November 28, 2013 in Helpful Tips, Music Business

About is a one stop shop musician resource hub and network.  We help musicians take there music from conception to reality by assisting with every step in-between.  Amongst our numerous services, we provide:

  1. A densely stocked “Shop” full of discounted links to anything an artist or audiophile might need for any project.
  2. A rich network of almost any music professional/ service imaginable, including: Studio’s, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Managers, Producers, Engineers, Session Musicians and more!
  3. We take the leg work out of researching your favorite music products & topics with our “Music Blog”.  Each review is equipped with convenient                               discount links so when you do make the choice on your next purchase, you get the best price possible!
  4. A “Music Today Blog” discussing user requested topics and much more!
  5.   A strategically designed “Artist Showcase” to show off all of your the  
        fruits of your musical endeavors.  Click here to learn more about our showcase

       Our showcase includes:
        –   Professional contact information
–   Manager/press contact information
–   A selection of your best youtube videos
–   CD Carrousel to get your music in your fans hands right away
–   Plus many more personalized options!

We’re constantly adding fun and helpful concepts so keep coming back to the M.D.M. neighborhood… you never know what you’ll discover next!  


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