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Posted: November 28, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Indie Radio Airplay, Music Business, Talk Radio Interviews exists to provide a public venue to showcase independent music talent and to promote and foster the independent music industry.

Artists and Composers

Become a member of the family…

We do not sell your original music. exists to showcase your original music, direct the public, to the artist’s individual web sites and to the various commercial web sites, where they can purchase your music.  Because of this, all music aired on is stored in protected areas designed to prevent downloading and theft of your tracks.

We are entirely supported by Sponsors and Donations, as a service to the independent music industry and the public.

There are ABSOLUTELY no obligations or charges to artists to have their original music aired on and linked back to your site or distribution outlet.  Our purpose is to help you promote your music.

Be Heard Locally, Nationally and Worldwide

All you need to do is email Joe at, attach your ORIGINAL MP3′s, at least 10, include your Web site, a Bio and state that you are allowing us to play the music.Your songs can be added to any of our Play Lists. Just indicate which one(s) and within two (2) weeks you will be on the air. If you don’t have MP3′s, you can mail your CD to us by requesting where to send them.


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