ATTENTION CHRISTIAN ARTISTS! Get Your Music Featured and in Front of New Listeners!

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Breaking News, Helpful Tips, Indie Radio Airplay

New Music Week is a new media channel from Creative Soul Records in Nashville, TN.

Each New Music Week we feature ten new songs by different artists in Christian music. The aim is to expose new artists to the public, as well as give something new and fresh to the tired listeners of regular, so-called Top 40 Christian music.


Get Your Music Featured and in Front of New Listeners!
If you are a Christian artist and would like to get your music featured on New Music Week, please follow these instructions carefully.

Looking for Well-Produced, Radio Quality Christian Music
It must be a well-producedcommercial sounding recording. Please do not send a demo, work tape, or live mix. This will be the same quality bar that commercial Christian radio would look for.

Approval Process
New Music Week is currently in Beta and is free for artists at this time, but your music must be approved. Unfortunately are not able to respond if we do not feel your music is of the quality we are looking for, or does not fit the genre and audience of New Music Week. If we do like your song and want to feature it on New Music Week, we will send you an email on what we need from you.

Contemporary Christian Music Only
At this time, New Music Week is solely looking for Christian music artists, but we may be expanding to other genres so join our blog list to the right. We do accept all style inside the Christian format, including pop, rock, rap, jazz, country, reggae, etc.

If after reading this you feel your music is right for New Music Week, email your MP3 with song name and artist name clearly marked to:

Good luck and thanks for being part of New Music Week!

If you’d like to get downloads or product from the artists you hear on New Music Week, visit our Store tab.


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