KBAT Christian Radio And The TEAM Gospel Weekend Radio Program Wanting Your Songs

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Breaking News, Indie Radio Airplay, News

Internet station KBAT Christian Radio and the TEAM Gospel weekend radio program are accepting submissions so that they both can add new music to their respective programming schedules. Both KBAT Christian Radio and TEAM Gospel are non-reporting radio broadcast platforms exclusively in business to give independent contemporary Christian and Gospel artists added exposure for their work. 

Bryce as KBAT Logo
Neither KBAT Christian Radio or TEAM Gospel are royalty paying broadcasts but do help to promote independent artists through the playing of their music as well as profiling many of the artists in the Christian/Gospel online magazine MACKIE and adding them to the new Christian database ‘NdiePedia among other forms of exposure.

If interested in having your music on either KBAT Christian Radio for contemporary Christian artists or the TEAM Gospel weekend show for Gospel artists, cds may be mailed to KBAT / TEAM Gospel Radio, PO Box 46762, Kansas City, MO 64188.
All music submitted should be “radio ready”, professionally mixed and mastered for the best sound quality.

Both KBAT Christian Radio and the TEAM Gospel Weekend Radio Show are divisions of DOLERN Media and under the umbrella of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment a Dreamin’ Out Loud, LLC. company.

-TEAM Gospel 004




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