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Posted: October 8, 2014 in Breaking News, Indie Radio Airplay, Kristin Rader
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Are you an indie Christian/Gospel artist and have songs that are radio ready, then submit your music to KBAT Christian/TEAM Gospel Radio !!

Bryce as KBAT Logo

KBAT is an 24/7 internet radio station that promotes the music of independent Christian and Gospel artists and is heard worldwide.  KBAT is not a reporting station but helps independent artists get more exposure for their work. You can hear contemporary Christian artists such as Kristin Rader, Jay & Abby Akins, Annie Lawrence, Andu Needham Band, Skylar Kaylyn, Ledy Cancino, Kate Hurley, Hannah Faith, Genesis, Joshua Fraser, Tristin Roberts, Jaime Thietten, Beth Champion Mason, Nikkie Riley, TydeMoore ft. Nathan Brumley, Julie Hufstetler, Lexi Elisha, Erica Lane, Todd Agnew, Ninth Hour, Bread Of Stone, Mark Harris and many, many more !! The TEAM Gospel Radio Show also airs every weekend playing the music of independent Gospel artists worldwide !

-TEAM Gospel 004


Check it out at…http://kbatchristianradio.com/ 

KBAT Christian Radio, The Choice 2 Believe. Are U ‘N The Game ?



Submissions may be sent to:

KBAT Christian Radio/TEAM Gospel Radio

PO Box 46762

Kansas City, MO 64188

KBAT/TEAM Gospel Radio is a division of DOLERN Media



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