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Christmas Songs Radio is an internet radio station that plays the Christmas music of all independent artists.

Christmas Songs Radio

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Kristin, from Cleveland, TN., is an award winning Christian recording artist with two full cd projects to her credit and the new artist of award winning indie Christian recording label Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment.

Kristin prides herself in focusing her career on ministry. Few artists are able to bridge the gap between knowing oneself, and expressing oneself for God in such a way as Kristin. With her mind geared toward people, her music effortlessly shines the light of Christ. Each new adventure is a new opportunity for her to share her amazing testimony with others.

“My prayer is to be a voice of encouragement that reaches beyond my music. I hope that each individual that hears these songs will be blessed. Life is full of uncertainty, but with God, everything that seems unclear will eventually become evident of His true plan and purpose.” – Kristin Rader

MPire Magazine was founded by artist/entrepreneur Ayana Webb and is a magazine that focuses on promoting artists of all types, and providing them with multiple resources to better enhance their career, including useful articles, upcoming events and showcases, etc. In their blog, you will find informative articles on building your career in the arts, articles that help with daily life (such as finances, love, health, etc), and info on events they have covered. Visit their website at
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“Let’s Talk Kingdom” interview radio host Catrina Reese has been nominated for radio programmer of the year in the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards Season 6 contest.
Ms. Reese is an award-winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music, ordained preacher, motivational speaker, author, actress and founder / host of internet talk radio show “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina”.
Her show, “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina” is part of the Conversin’ Freestyle radio platform which is a division of DOLERN (Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network) Media.
Founded and Produced by Apostle Dr. Teresa Jordan (affectionately known as Pastor T), The Prayze Factor is a platform specifically and strategically formatted to bring maximum exposure to the independent gospel artists movement. The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards (Prayze Factor) is designed to expose indie arts on a national level with major market radio, television and industry exposure. Nominations should be for artists that are seriously looking to gain more exposure, increase their fan base and make their music/ministry more relevant in the gospel industry. This is a “fan driven” platform so artists will be required to engage their fans in voting, commenting, promoting…etc. their ministries. While this is a friendly awards competition it is more important that artists utilize the platform to draw those that are unaware of their ministry to the table where they can not only experience the ministry but experience the realness of Christ.There are three rounds throughout a four month period of Prayze Factor promotions. Each round is designed to accomplish the aforementioned goals for the artists but it takes work. Nominees will be afforded several opportunities for promotions of their ministries, opportunities to engage their fans in bonus rounds and opportunities to show the nations the strength of performing arts ministry. To maximize full potential of this platform, artists must be in the frame of mind that God deserves their very best every step of the way and without excuse. Those that grasp and understand that are rewarded greatly by the time the seasons grand finale’ airs as their presence in the gospel community is greatly advance. Prayze Factor is at the top of every search engine which in turns puts every participant front and center for the industry and world to see.
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“From Dream To Reality” written by contemporary Christian recording artist Kristin Rader is the first article to be published in the award winning “Women’s Voices Magazine”. The article, edited by CEO Brenda Krueger Huffman, is out now in the Soul section of the magazine’s December issue. “From Dream To Reality” is the first of the monthly articles Kristin will write for the magazine.


Kristin, from Cleveland, TN., is an award winning Christian singer-songwriter and has two full cds to her credit currently on the market and is in the final stages of becoming the new recording artist of award winning Kansas City, MO. based indie Christian recording label Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment.

“Women’s Voices Magazine” or WVM, is created and published by Women’s Voices, Media, LLC. and is a unique all column format new media website and community for men and women featuring Columnists and Contributors on topics ranging from home, family, life, enjoy, soul, politics, economy, digital, impact, and community. WVM is modern, informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining. The 60+ WVM Columnists live in cities and towns all across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. They range from 19 to 50+, from single working class mom to seasoned executive, with columns from serious and poignant to downright hilarious and fun. Visit

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You can read Kristin’s new column hereFrom Dream To Reality


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Kristin Rader the new recording artist of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment has just launched her new blog site !


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