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The music of contemporary Christian recording artist Kristin Rader will be featured throughout the month of November on the debut artist showcase program “Up Close”. “Up Close” is a new program from KBAT Christian Radio and will spotlight the music of an artist for an entire month.


Kristin is from Cleveland, TN and is the new artist of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment.
Listen for Kristin on KBAT’s new program “Up Close” all month throughout November starting Nov 3rd.

Visit Kristin at:


Are you an indie Christian/Gospel artist and have songs that are radio ready, then submit your music to KBAT Christian/TEAM Gospel Radio !!

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KBAT is an 24/7 internet radio station that promotes the music of independent Christian and Gospel artists and is heard worldwide.  KBAT is not a reporting station but helps independent artists get more exposure for their work. You can hear contemporary Christian artists such as Kristin Rader, Jay & Abby Akins, Annie Lawrence, Andu Needham Band, Skylar Kaylyn, Ledy Cancino, Kate Hurley, Hannah Faith, Genesis, Joshua Fraser, Tristin Roberts, Jaime Thietten, Beth Champion Mason, Nikkie Riley, TydeMoore ft. Nathan Brumley, Julie Hufstetler, Lexi Elisha, Erica Lane, Todd Agnew, Ninth Hour, Bread Of Stone, Mark Harris and many, many more !! The TEAM Gospel Radio Show also airs every weekend playing the music of independent Gospel artists worldwide !

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Check it out at… 

KBAT Christian Radio, The Choice 2 Believe. Are U ‘N The Game ?

Submissions may be sent to:

KBAT Christian Radio/TEAM Gospel Radio

PO Box 46762

Kansas City, MO 64188

KBAT/TEAM Gospel Radio is a division of DOLERN Media

DOLERN Media ( Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network ) is proud to announce the launching of “Makin’ It Happen” Radio Promotions, a radio promotions service for independent Christian and Gospel artists. By becoming a partner affiliate with a well established New York based radio promotions company, DOLERN Media and “Makin’ It Happen” Radio Promotions will now be able to offer a very affordable alternative for indie Christian and Gospel artists to acquire radio play for their songs and will feature three 4 week radio campaign options. “All campaigns are guaranteed to secure airplay within 48 hours through the efforts of our partner affiliate” says Arthur Payne of DOLERN Media. “It is our hope that this service will be a benefit to the many talented independent Christian and Gospel artists across the country and around the world as well.”
All three radio campaigns service countless internet radio stations as well as several terrestrial stations.
For more information visit…Makin’ It Happen

DOLERN Media is a division of Dreamin’ Out Loud, LLC

Internet station KBAT Christian Radio and the TEAM Gospel weekend radio program are accepting submissions so that they both can add new music to their respective programming schedules. Both KBAT Christian Radio and TEAM Gospel are non-reporting radio broadcast platforms exclusively in business to give independent contemporary Christian and Gospel artists added exposure for their work. 

Bryce as KBAT Logo
Neither KBAT Christian Radio or TEAM Gospel are royalty paying broadcasts but do help to promote independent artists through the playing of their music as well as profiling many of the artists in the Christian/Gospel online magazine MACKIE and adding them to the new Christian database ‘NdiePedia among other forms of exposure.

If interested in having your music on either KBAT Christian Radio for contemporary Christian artists or the TEAM Gospel weekend show for Gospel artists, cds may be mailed to KBAT / TEAM Gospel Radio, PO Box 46762, Kansas City, MO 64188.
All music submitted should be “radio ready”, professionally mixed and mastered for the best sound quality.

Both KBAT Christian Radio and the TEAM Gospel Weekend Radio Show are divisions of DOLERN Media and under the umbrella of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment a Dreamin’ Out Loud, LLC. company.

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Just in time for Christmas, TEAM Gospel is back on air !!

TEAM Gospel plays the music of independent Gospel artists and is the sister station of KBAT Christian Radio, part of the DOLERN Media network.

TEAM Gospel is also accepting music submissions from independent Gospel artists. CD’s can be sent to TEAM Gospel Radio, PO Box 46762, Kansas City, MO 64188.

Check us out at…TEAM Gospel Radio

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Back to back WOA Xmas Radio and TV Shows on major networks today! And we now have our artists featured on inflight entertainment systems of major International airlines – how cool is that?!

Seasons greetings from W.O.A Entertainment!

With christmas just around the corner we are in full holiday mode with 2 back to backWOA TV Show episodes featuring the VERY BEST  of indie artists & their music videos from around the world and 2 back to back WOAFM99 Radio Show episodes which also includes an interview with Independent No.1’s featured artist Michele Schmidt aka Sillken who joined us over the phone all the way from Canada during the WOAFM99 Christmas Part 1 Radio show last week – a must listen! Tune In Here

Our new WOA TV episode ‘Bringing in Christmas’ is out today on and a Fresh new Christmas Radio Show featuring ALL Christmas songs (various genres) by fantastic Indie artists in a 30 minute non stop radio and podcast show will be out tonight on
We will also have Nagmah, a hard rock band all the way from Costa Rica joining us in the woafm99 studios this week. Subscribing to the WOA TV & Radio show Podcast on iTunes is the best way to get the latest TV & Radio epsidoes directly to your Phone, iPad, Digital Radio & Computer even before it hits the FM Radio stations and TV networks that we license the shows to.

If you want to be a part of the WOAFM99 Radio Show and/or the WOA TV Show please go to WOA Music Opportunities Site and send us your song/music video. If our producers like yur track you could be featured on the next WOA Radio Show or WOA TV Show – both our TV & Radio shows are licensed to Network TV and FM Radio including a dedicated online show. We are currently also accepting christmas themed songs/videos. Submit here

The Goa Chillout Zone  and the Independent No.1’s compilations have recently announced that these compilations will now be featured in the in-flight entertainment systems of International Airlines including Jet Airways, Air India and other International Carriers. This is great news for all the artists who have been featured on these compilations from Volume 1 right up until Volume 5!


Both the Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 6 and Independent No.1’s Vol. 3 are now finalizing their track list for the new releases. If you want to be part if these double CD globally promoted compilations send us your song – SUBMIT MUSIC

Happy Holidays!

The W.O.A Team

Rebirth Radio with KD is accepting positive music submissions.

Looking for FAME? Wellll Might not look here! Want to be heard? We can DO THAT!

If you’re a artist,comedian,band,pastor or more that has materials that LIKE TO BE PLAYED ON REBIRTH RADIO.                                                                                                            Send to address below:

*A consent form will need to be signed by any act, artist, band etc that wants their stuff played*

Read more here…