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“Let’s Talk Kingdom” interview radio host Catrina Reese has been nominated for radio programmer of the year in the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards Season 6 contest.
Ms. Reese is an award-winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music, ordained preacher, motivational speaker, author, actress and founder / host of internet talk radio show “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina”.
Her show, “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina” is part of the Conversin’ Freestyle radio platform which is a division of DOLERN (Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network) Media.
Founded and Produced by Apostle Dr. Teresa Jordan (affectionately known as Pastor T), The Prayze Factor is a platform specifically and strategically formatted to bring maximum exposure to the independent gospel artists movement. The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards (Prayze Factor) is designed to expose indie arts on a national level with major market radio, television and industry exposure. Nominations should be for artists that are seriously looking to gain more exposure, increase their fan base and make their music/ministry more relevant in the gospel industry. This is a “fan driven” platform so artists will be required to engage their fans in voting, commenting, promoting…etc. their ministries. While this is a friendly awards competition it is more important that artists utilize the platform to draw those that are unaware of their ministry to the table where they can not only experience the ministry but experience the realness of Christ.There are three rounds throughout a four month period of Prayze Factor promotions. Each round is designed to accomplish the aforementioned goals for the artists but it takes work. Nominees will be afforded several opportunities for promotions of their ministries, opportunities to engage their fans in bonus rounds and opportunities to show the nations the strength of performing arts ministry. To maximize full potential of this platform, artists must be in the frame of mind that God deserves their very best every step of the way and without excuse. Those that grasp and understand that are rewarded greatly by the time the seasons grand finale’ airs as their presence in the gospel community is greatly advance. Prayze Factor is at the top of every search engine which in turns puts every participant front and center for the industry and world to see.
Vote for Catrina here…!programmer-of-the-year-category/cnri
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Are you an indie Christian/Gospel artist and have songs that are radio ready, then submit your music to KBAT Christian/TEAM Gospel Radio !!

Bryce as KBAT Logo

KBAT is an 24/7 internet radio station that promotes the music of independent Christian and Gospel artists and is heard worldwide.  KBAT is not a reporting station but helps independent artists get more exposure for their work. You can hear contemporary Christian artists such as Kristin Rader, Jay & Abby Akins, Annie Lawrence, Andu Needham Band, Skylar Kaylyn, Ledy Cancino, Kate Hurley, Hannah Faith, Genesis, Joshua Fraser, Tristin Roberts, Jaime Thietten, Beth Champion Mason, Nikkie Riley, TydeMoore ft. Nathan Brumley, Julie Hufstetler, Lexi Elisha, Erica Lane, Todd Agnew, Ninth Hour, Bread Of Stone, Mark Harris and many, many more !! The TEAM Gospel Radio Show also airs every weekend playing the music of independent Gospel artists worldwide !

-TEAM Gospel 004


Check it out at… 

KBAT Christian Radio, The Choice 2 Believe. Are U ‘N The Game ?

Submissions may be sent to:

KBAT Christian Radio/TEAM Gospel Radio

PO Box 46762

Kansas City, MO 64188

KBAT/TEAM Gospel Radio is a division of DOLERN Media

The May – June issue of MACKIE Magazine is now out !!

May June 2014 Cover Issue 3


In this issue are profiles of Derek Charles Johnson, Unique Authority,  Isha “Ice Williams, Debra Price, a dedication to Shelton “Big Al” Allison and many more.

Check it out here…

MACKIE Magazine Blog Site…MACKIE

MACKIE Magazine is a Taylor Bear / DOLERN Media Publication

DOLERN Media ( Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network ) is proud to announce the launching of “Makin’ It Happen” Radio Promotions, a radio promotions service for independent Christian and Gospel artists. By becoming a partner affiliate with a well established New York based radio promotions company, DOLERN Media and “Makin’ It Happen” Radio Promotions will now be able to offer a very affordable alternative for indie Christian and Gospel artists to acquire radio play for their songs and will feature three 4 week radio campaign options. “All campaigns are guaranteed to secure airplay within 48 hours through the efforts of our partner affiliate” says Arthur Payne of DOLERN Media. “It is our hope that this service will be a benefit to the many talented independent Christian and Gospel artists across the country and around the world as well.”
All three radio campaigns service countless internet radio stations as well as several terrestrial stations.
For more information visit…Makin’ It Happen

DOLERN Media is a division of Dreamin’ Out Loud, LLC

Taylor Bear Publications, a division of DOLERN Media, is very proud to announce the up-coming launch of ‘NdiePedia. ‘NdiePedia is an independent Christian / Gospel artist and Christian business entrepreneur online database and only exists to help in giving added exposure to those artists and organizations that strive to spread the Word of God. The database will officially launch February 8, 2014.

Taylor Bear Publications

All independent Christian / Gospel artists and Christian business entrepreneurs or business owners that support the Christian community and wish to have their bio listed are welcome to submit!!

DOLERN Media is a division of award winning Christian independent label Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment, home of Christian / Inspirational Pop artist and 4x music award winner Katelyn McCarter.

To learn more about ‘NdiePedia or how to submit please visit
on or after 2-8-14.

“We’re in the business of saving souls”

The Special Edition Issue #2 of MACKIE Magazine is now out !!  Included in this issue are profiles of Lisa Easton, Rebirth 4 Love, Kim Harvey, Monica Brinkman and many, many more !! MACKIE is available to read either online or in print by visiting ……Joomag or…Issuu or…Calameo

MACKIE Magazine Blog Site…MACKIE

The Special Edition Cover Issue 2

Let’s Talk Kingdom with Ms. Catrina Reese, a year in review. Check it out !!


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