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“Let’s Talk Kingdom” interview radio host Catrina Reese has been nominated for radio programmer of the year in the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards Season 6 contest.
Ms. Reese is an award-winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel music, ordained preacher, motivational speaker, author, actress and founder / host of internet talk radio show “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina”.
Her show, “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina” is part of the Conversin’ Freestyle radio platform which is a division of DOLERN (Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network) Media.
Founded and Produced by Apostle Dr. Teresa Jordan (affectionately known as Pastor T), The Prayze Factor is a platform specifically and strategically formatted to bring maximum exposure to the independent gospel artists movement. The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards (Prayze Factor) is designed to expose indie arts on a national level with major market radio, television and industry exposure. Nominations should be for artists that are seriously looking to gain more exposure, increase their fan base and make their music/ministry more relevant in the gospel industry. This is a “fan driven” platform so artists will be required to engage their fans in voting, commenting, promoting…etc. their ministries. While this is a friendly awards competition it is more important that artists utilize the platform to draw those that are unaware of their ministry to the table where they can not only experience the ministry but experience the realness of Christ.There are three rounds throughout a four month period of Prayze Factor promotions. Each round is designed to accomplish the aforementioned goals for the artists but it takes work. Nominees will be afforded several opportunities for promotions of their ministries, opportunities to engage their fans in bonus rounds and opportunities to show the nations the strength of performing arts ministry. To maximize full potential of this platform, artists must be in the frame of mind that God deserves their very best every step of the way and without excuse. Those that grasp and understand that are rewarded greatly by the time the seasons grand finale’ airs as their presence in the gospel community is greatly advance. Prayze Factor is at the top of every search engine which in turns puts every participant front and center for the industry and world to see.
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Let’s Talk Kingdom with Ms. Catrina Reese, a year in review. Check it out !!


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Evangelist and internet radio talk show host Ms. Catrina Reese will perform as part of a Gospel Benefit concert on Friday October 18th at the Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Ms. Reese is a Gospel recording artist and the host of the popular internet radio talk show, “Let’s Talk Kingdom” heard every Wednesday evening at 6pm EST. Let’s Talk Kingdom is hosted by DOLERN Media.

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Ms Reese in Concert


“Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina” hostess Ms. Catrina Reese will be featured in the summer 2013 edition of  Faith Filled Family Christian Magazine.

Faith Filled Family Magazine is the creation of CEO Ms. Michelle Danko and has in its’ Spring 2013 edition a feature on Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment artist Katelyn McCarter. View that issue here…Faith Filled Family

Ms. Reese herself is also a part of the Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment family with her talk show, “Let’s Talk Kingdom with Catrina” hosted by Conversin’ Freestyle which is  a division of  DOLERN Media (Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network). Not only is Ms. Reese gaining popularity with her show but she is also a very popular Gospel artist and speaker.

Here’s what the promo in Faith Filled Family has to say…

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“Gospeljazztress” Catrina Reese will be interviewed in our summer edition of Faith Filled Family.

If you enjoy artists such as Phyllis Hyman, Mahailia Jackson, and Yolanda Adams, you will enjoy Catrina!  Her sound is very catchy, and very unique.  Her voice is very rich, and pleasant to listen to.

Catrina is ranked #9 on Reverbnation.  Her accomplishments include:

  • Opening act for Yolanda Adam and Dettrick Haddon.
  • Won the grand prize of 2004 “Gimme the Mike-Charlotte” talent competition. (600 competitors area wide!)
  • Performed a duet with Grammy Award winner, Kathy Mattea in 2009
  • Is a licensed and ordained preacher, motivational speaker, author, conference/workshop facilitator, song writer, publisher, and psalmist.  She has traveled nationally and internationally!

Be sure to check it out !!!

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"Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina"

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